Unforgotten 3

Unforgotten series 3


Unforgotten series 3 (2018)  written by Chris Lang and first aired on the 15th July saw our third time as part of the crew of the high ranking Unforgotten series aired on ITV and took us as always around the country to different locations such as Kings Lynn, Hunstanton, Lymington, Bristol, Goodwood and the beautiful Holkham Bay. This series investigated the murder of schoolgirl Hayley Reid who was reported missing from a Seaside resort named Middenham on New Years Eve 1999. Her skeletal remains were discovered by workmen repairing the central reservation of the M1 motorway in London.

Our ending scene drone shot Directed by Andy Wilson in the first series leaving Jimmy Sullivan’s Mother at her Sons grave won an award, and the third series ending scene was just as emotionally striking as the first.

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