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Flying Screens Team Photo

Aerosights Chief Pilot – Dean Wynton was asked to be one of four pilots to take part in the making of this world first drone screen performance in underground Islington, London

LUCID – The world’s first Drone Screen performance

Flying Screens Ltd. a London technology startup, has collaborated with San Francisco based GMUNK to produce ‘LUCID’. A world’s first in video art. Featuring ‘Drone Screens’ flying in formation with UK dancer ‘ZAKIYA’.

LUCID is at the forefront of a new medium in digital performance art, utilising emerging unmanned aerial vehicle technology to create unique performances and commercial applications. The ‘Drone Screen’ is the first in a new line of products developed by Flying Screens Ltd. The film was shot in London in the summer of 2018. LUCID will be launched online on the 7th of September 2018 at 8am.

For more information please contact Dave Green, Director @ Flying Screens Ltd. at

A website will launch on 07/09/2018 at 8am showing the video at the following address:

Flying Screens Ltd. is a joint venture between Realtime Environment Systems Ltd. ​(​​) ​and Light Initiative Ltd. ​(​​)​ two UK companies who are innovators in the field of Entertainment Technology.

There will be a ‘Behind The Scenes’ video launched, along with a ‘Making of’ Presentation and Q&A with Dave Green, at the ARS Electronica Festival, as part of the ‘Future Lab’ presentations, on Saturday 8th of September in Linz, Austria.

The ‘Behind The Scenes’ video will also launch on the Flying Screens website & GMUNKs website on the 7th of September.

Further information on the work of GMUNK, Director of LUCID can be found here: ​

James Medcraft, Director of Photography on LUCID can be found here: ​

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